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Generate antibodies from VHH antibody library with 20 billion diversity!

Development of fungicides and resistant bacterial infections using natural phage!

Rapid production of VHH antibodies with high affinity and productivity.

VHH antibodies obtained from our VHH antibody library have stability that is resistant to heat at 100 degrees Celsius and can be modified to higher affinity and higher productivity.

A similar service takes months, but our service is completed weekly.

We are aggressively developing VHH antibodies as a high-performance alternative to the antibodies used in current products, as cosmetics, as a supplement, and as a "biosensor" built into equipment.

Focus on contributing to the problem of drug-resistant bacteria with natural phage.

We have one of the best technologies in Japan for separating and isolating bacteriophages from natural sources (not genetically modified phage) that can kill even drug-resistant bacteria.

The phage product is expected to be used as an infectious agent in place of antibiotics, as a sterilant for hospitals and nursing homes where outbreaks are a concern, as a supplement for H. pylori, and as a stabilizing supplement for intestinal bacteria.

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